Local Focus at the Heart of the Community

Let’s face it, social media has changed the way Canadians get the news.  Information travels quickly these days, leaving traditional media in the dust and the rest of us glued to our screens absorbed in the endless social scroll.  The news we get has been reduced to 240 characters and ten-second sound bites. 
Hello magazines bring back everything that is missing from your Facebook feed and the nightly news from the nearest city.  Hello brings back the heart of the community with uplifting information and articles about the things that make small towns great:  the people, their stories, and the events that bring them together. 
Carolann Barton - Editor in Chief and Publisher
Carolann Barton – Editor in Chief and Publisher

I love small towns. Growing up in Northern Ontario, I lived in some spots that were barely visible on a road map. What they lacked in big-city sophistication, they made up for in a caring community, a tremendous sense of belonging and a whole lot of heart.
Fast forward a few decades, a long career in Public Relations and 20 years in the GTA and I find myself, once again, tucked in to the familiar experience of small town living.
My Dad was a writer and publisher in the North. He too loved small town living and delighted in bringing the community together through stories and shared experiences. An entrepreneur himself, he valued small business and did what he could to the promote the passionate and humble folks who own them.
With the days of corporate communications far behind me, I have set out to create a magazine that celebrates everything great about living in the Ottawa Valley (Pontiac): the little shops, the breath-taking experiences, the people and the events that bring us together.
I sincerely hope that you will enjoy my work and I welcome your feedback, input and ideas.
Stay well,